SMITE Ranked Games Beginners Basics Walkthrough

A SMITE Ranked Games Beginners Basics Walkthrough is a must for people who are just getting started with any kind of moba Esport out there and even if nowadays we think that everybody out there knows everything … this is far from being true as long as plenty of gamers daily face for the first time the logic behind for example SMITE Ranked Games Draft Selection Mode.

The whole idea behind the SMITE Ranked Games Beginners Basics Walkthrough is not only to understand the procedure but also understand the hidden strategy behind it and how you must start thinking in order to get yourself over the greater ranks in the game of your choice and in our case SMITE!


SMITE Ranked Games Beginners Basics Walkthrough Break down

The gaming video I chose to submit and probably you watch already above was made by “Sweet”,
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and I found it useful to accompany what we say here as long as it focuses to the very beginners and what is mostly confusing when you first react with some stuff.

Ranked games are the fundamental of what we call Esports as long as they are our gaming arena in which we compete with others in order to climb up ourselves in greater ranks to the point we can end up being a pro player and compete with each game’s giants and hopefully this SMITE Ranked Games Beginners Basics Walkthrough video analysis will help you understand some basic yet tremendously important details you need to consider if you want to see yourself one day among pro players 😉

Normal modes in each game have the characteristic of being mostly for practice and fun while the decision to join a ranked game is accompanied with greater expectations and a desired outcome which is no other but winning the game and progressing upwards!

To make that happen even if it seems to be self explanatory you need to master some stuff and act wisely before a Ranked game even start!

I will leave the more entry stuff to the SMITE Ranked Games Beginners Basics Walkthrough video above to help you tap into the mindset and I will jump into some bitter details you might need to start considering in depth but also start searching for more information regarding our next point in this article which is a team’s balance!


SMITE Ranked Games Beginners Basics Walkthrough Team Balance

I will try to keep things as simple as possible during the whole SMITE Ranked Games Beginners Basics Walkthrough article and focus on describing everything in a generic way so you will be able to carry all these information with you on every next game you might decide to play instead of just playing SMITE.

What is mostly common from newbies in Moba games when it comes to join a ranked game is that they will pick the only champion they feel confident with and they will argue hard in order to secure that pick with their mates.

This is really bad especially as long as in first place you create a bad atmosphere among your mates and harassing is what is present while thinking and considering should have been there instead.

Choosing Champions – Heroes – Gods or however every game choose to call its characters, is at least important as long as your first bet is to end up with a balanced team tin order to face the enemy team.

A second important aspect of creating a powerful team is to try always, while you are focusing on creating a balanced team to have also counter picks, so you will be able to have the answers you will need in game in order to face more efficiently the enemy Gods – heroes etc while also you try to pick Gods in a way so you will avoid having counter picks from the enemy team.

The logic here might seem to be a little confusing but it is not if you catch the point especially after watching all the SMITE Ranked Games Beginners Basics Walkthrough video and real the whole analysis to the bottom.

In the SMITE Ranked Games Beginners Basics Walkthrough video above you will watch a simulation of picking Gods in what we call Draft pick.

That way of picking Gods is based on what I say above.

You choose one or 2 Gods and then your enemy team does the same.

In order to define here what we call balance, you need to understand that a team focused only on one aspect of God’s characteristic like Dps – Defense – Supporting etc is exactly what we call unbalanced!

Why? Because such a team misses one or more important ingredients of the winning recipe!

A balanced team MUST HAVE the right alchemy including all basic GOD roles!

As you can see so far the only thing I am no focusing on is the “GOD” but what I do focus on is the Balance and God’s role in it!

Before I close this part I want to give you an important information which will help you walk through every Moba game and feel familiar with what you will be meeting even if it is called differently or presented differently!


SMITE Ranked Games Beginners Basics Walkthrough
– The Generic Moba Character Roles

All moba games like SMITE have these unique roles in a team and i will claim the chance of this SMITE Ranked Games Beginners Basics Walkthrough Video to explain them to you and tap a little bit deeper.

You have tanks and their role is to be able to receive and consume damage while they MUST  be able to make enemy’s team work more hard.

You have supports and their work is to make your teams work more easy and they are altered of the philosophy on what I just said. The philosophy is altered only the approach a supportive GOD will have. Will the supports role be to “Curse” and weaken the enemies or its role will be to empower your team? Both are supportive but they have a completely different orientation right?

You have Dps champions. Here is where most people are getting confused because they think that Mages – Assasins etc is what matter the most and they ignore that both Classes are DPS most of the times!

Your team’s DPS must be structured as an answer to you enemy team. If you will pick assassins or mages etc is depended on if you team needs more a mage or an assassin or both!

Finally you have what we call Junglers… and here is the confusion with SMITE and thankfully SMITE Ranked Games Beginners Basics Walkthrough video and this analysis we do here gives us a valuable opportunity to say some stuff about this generic role 🙂

SMITE has also a jungle but its jungle is not so much used as it does in other moba games. This special characteristic helps us spot one Global misunderstanding behind the jungler role especially among newbies!

A jungler is put on jungle in order to balance the progression between champions and create a level up advantage over the enemy team which is translated to more DPS in most of the cases in an upcoming engage but jungler has also the surprise effect attached and his role is to have enemies who play against your GODS on the lanes to feel less comfortable to do their stuff absent any fear of facing suddenly 2 enemies simultaneously, giving that way an advantage to your mates to do their stuff 😛

So whatever the role presented like Paladins – Mages – Wizards – Assassins etc you always need to have all champions in a game the way I did present them to you above … as DPS Gods … Tanking Gods – Supportive Gods and finally “Jungling” Gods … (Which are in our case the abusers practically)


SMITE Ranked Games Beginners Basics Walkthrough Bottom Line

When we ban Gods … we don’t Ban Gods just because they are OP or because others say we should ban them!

Ask your team first what role they are willing to play and right after what God they are intent to choose and try to Ban Gods in order to avoid having counter picking from your enemies and in order to support your best asset do his job in game and carry your team towards an easy win!

Before this SMITE Ranked Games Beginners Basics Walkthrough analysis will end you MUST UNDERSTAND the importance of choosing Gods wisely and with balance and counter-picking in mind!

We Choose Gods to create a balanced team and simultaneously counter enemy’s chosen Gods!

WE DON’T choose a GOD just because we are familiar playing him or her!!!

WE DON’T ARGUE about what we want to play if a mate of us before us is willing to play on that role. It is your responsibility when you choose to play a ranked game to be able to play the proper role your team will need. There is no need for your mates to understand You! You must understand your weaknesses and practice as much as needed in order to become useful and not a reason for your team to lose!

This is deeper than might be able to understand when you are a newbie and it has not to do only with SMITE!

Even if you feel a pro with a specific God playing a specific role but you are unable to understand and know the struggles of your other mates then you will never act in a way they can either follow and be productive or you will never offer them the proper chances so they can support you the best way possible!

YOU MUST be familiar with all the roles and you need to know how your mates see the game from another GOD’s eyes!!!!

Being not ready to play ranked games is not a bad thing and this is why ranked games in SMITE and everywhere else have ranks 🙂

Knowing why you are not able to proceed though is at least important and it is what differentiate a newbie from a conscious pro player!

I think I said too much here and Unfortunately it is impossible to cover all the ground in one article!

I hope what I said above through this SMITE Ranked Games Beginners Basics Walkthrough Video analysis, to help you get where you aim to end up playing by understanding the important details every newbie will miss and wonder even for years what he does wrong and has no progress!


Before you leave SMITE Ranked Games Beginners Basics Walkthrough…!

Please let me know about your thoughts regarding SMITE Ranked Games Beginners Basics Walkthrough and how this article help YOU understand something you might have been missing!

Lastly make sure you will join and you will start submitting your gaming videos to share with the globe your gaming creations or what you believe it is worthy of sharing even if it is not your own video!!!

Thank you for reading the SMITE Ranked Games Beginners Basics Walkthrough article and for watching this video!


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