New Fiora Rework 2015 – Tips & Tricks

Fiora champion was recently reworked with some of her abilities changed and the biggest change being new Fiora ulty which may be hard to get used to. So guys.. Have you played the new Fiora?? What do you think?? Leave a comment with your impressions!!!

New Fiora rework key points include:
Fiora Passive – has changed entirely with a new “attck the weak spot”
Q (Lunge) – allows free aiming to dart around through targets so Fiora can attack enemy’s weak spot
W (Riposte) – parries all incoming damage for a small amount of time such as burst from assassins or enemy utlies and gives Fiora chance to close range
E (Bladework) – pretty much like old E
R (Grand Challenge) – totally different with Fiora moving around to destroy four weak spots. For every weak spot take down, new Fiora deals more true damage and offers heal for Fiora and allies.


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