Dragon Priest Tier 2 Tempostorm Meta Snapshot 27 Deck List – s37 Conclusions

Dragon Priest is a low cost and powerful tier 2 deck list based on
Tempostorm Meta Snapshot 27 in s37 and after 100 ranked games
with it in EU ladder I can verify that you can punish most of the tier 1
decks and grind for legends with it … easily!

The video above is the livestream recording of the first time I started
Playing with this deck. It will help you get more info regarding Dragon Priest!


 Dragon Priest Tier 2 Deck List s37 – Some Words About It

Dragon Priest Tier 2 Tempostorm Meta Snapshot 27 Deck List - Conclusions

Dragon Priest Tier 2 Deck list Match ups based on tempostorm meta snapshot 27

Dragon Priest survived the Blackrock Mountain roll out
with the beginning of the s37 and the Year of the Mammoth
and to my personal surprise as a deck list Dragon Priest is even
stronger than before!

Most people expected and predicted that Dragon Priest as a deck list
will fade with the new Hearthstone expansion Journey to Un’Goro
but we were all wrong about it including myself!


 Dragon Priest Tier 2 Deck List s37 – Conclusions Pre frame

First of all you need to understand that this is not a guide but a conclusions
article. Feel free to visit tempostorm and check for tech options etc as long as
I don’t get credits for creating this deck in first place.

My intention is to help you guys and gals to come up with an informed decision!

Before I continue with my conclusions on this powerful Tier 2 deck list
let me tell you some important things you need to keep in mind down the
road in order to help you get the most out of the upcoming stats.

I created the Dragon Priest tier 2 deck list while I was dropping from
rank 3 to rank 5 with my previous preferred tier 1 deck list which was the
taunt warrior.

That being said all the games with this Dragon Priest Tier 2 deck list
took place in EU ladder from rank 5 and beyond and thank god I did give up
on the taunt warrior and started playing as a Dragon Priest and found my
way back to going upwards instead of going downwards!

Now lets dive to some more specific statistics.


 Dragon Priest Tier 2 Deck List s37 – Statistics

Dragon Priest Tier 2 deck list gave me so far a 59% win ratio with
really bad rng and the hardest match ups against this deck. It is
really important to understand that this wiin ratio is build against all
odds for this deck which is at least great and helps you see the
power in this Dragon Priest deck list!

Dragon Priest Tier 2 Deck list Win Ration on EU Ladder

Below you can see the pie of the opponents I went against with this
Dragon Priest deck list from rank 5 and beyond to the point I write
this article for you and verify what I said above.

Dragon Priest Tier 2 Deck list opponents pie

For now I rank on on rank 2 against the RNGesus will and the sum
of my run appears below.

Dragon Priest Tier 2 Deck list sum stats

Finally below appears the table of the matches with this Dragon Priest
tier 2 Deck List to get a better Idea on what to expect from it while you
will also realize that my personal stats are against what Tempostorm
Meta Snapshot 27 gives 😉

Dragon Priest Tier 2 Deck list table of match results


 Dragon Priest Tier 2 Deck List s37 – Conclusions

Don’t be surprised if you nail down all the Tier 1 deck lists with your Dragon Priest!

The deck has powerful answers for early aggression from your opponents which is
what makes it good against aggro match-ups and can literally destroy or better vanish their
mid game by all means!

The late game is tricky and the funniest of all parts as long as you will find yourselves
mostly trolling your opponents to the point they will concede even if this is not the intention!

Dragon Priest tier 2 deck list is surprisingly good and solid and has a number of options
to tech it if you want to bring it to an open cup and target specific matches with it!

Highly recommended considering the mana cost to craft it and expected results out of it!

Edropian Approved!


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