All Peacekeeper 17 Full Heroic Weapon Sets by Edropian

This “All Peacekeeper 17 Full Heroic Weapon Sets” video post
will present to you the Blade, the Hilt and the dagger from all the
17 available PK’s Heroic weapon sets in For honor and it will also
help you to see how it looks when you carry these full heroic
Weapon sets as a Peacekeeper!

That was a true marathon to come up with all the Peacekeeper’s
Heroic weapon sets parts and the small inventory space made it
even harder as long as I had to shoot videos after hours of gaming
in order to empty space in my inventory and keep looking after
the rest of the Heroic Weapon Sets parts and finally get myself to
a position to be able to offer you this article plus the video attached
to it!

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Now lets dive deeper into the All Peacekeeper 17 Full Heroic
Weapon Sets!

What do you say? Shall we? ūüėÄ

Ok lets do this!

All Peacekeeper 17 Full Heroic Weapon Sets
-First thoughts

I must say that after being able to see All the 17 Full Heroic
Weapon Sets available for our Peacekeepers I was disapointed
once more as I was when did the same for the
Full heroic Armor sets for our peacekeepers.

Most of these full heroic PK’s weapon sets are completely
craps and it makes it pretty obvious that Ubisoft was after the
numbers here without paying attention on the quality!

In order to be fair here I must say that there are also some
pretty cool and well polished options too even if these are
the minority among all the given full heroic weapon set options
for our peacekeepers in For Honor.

But don’t take my word for it and decide for yourselves by
going through the full “All Peacekeeper 17 Full Heroic Weapon Sets
by Edropian” video and the rest of this article.

Ok then lets move on!


All Peacekeeper 17 Full Heroic Weapon Sets
– The Rantia Weapon Set

The Rantia heroic weapon set for PK’s is one of the simple
options we have. it comes with a wooden Hilt, a rusty looking
blade and a dagger which has nothing special to present.

This makes the Rantia full heroic weapon set for Peacekeepers
a just “ok” option to go with!

Rantia Weapon Set Hilt And Blade (Sword)


Rantia Weapon Set Dagger



All Peacekeeper 17 Full Heroic Weapon Sets
РThe Guron Weapon Set

Guron Full Heroic Weapon Set for our Peacekeepers
is just another simplistic option which is given to us from
For Honor developers.

It  has nothing special to talk about neither it will ever be
or become anyone’s favored heroic weapon set in For
Honor in my opinion when it comes to PK players!

Guron Weapon Set Hilt And Blade (Sword)



Guron Weapon Set Dagger



All Peacekeeper 17 Full Heroic Weapon Sets
– The Gilian Weapon Set

The Gilian Full heroic weapon set for our Peacekeepers might
be the first interesting and slightly polished heroic weapon we
see in the order I do represent all the heroic weapon sets.

The Gilian blade is at least interesting and when it comes to
the Gilian hilt, there is where we can verify that at least this
Heroic weapon set for our Peacekeepers has something
with which we can possible relate and feel ok carrying this sword!

What is disappointing to me is the Gilian Dagger!

It comes with a cool blade but the rest of it struggles to follow
the Gilian Sword’s design and it feels too cheap in my opinion

Gilian Weapon Set Hilt And Blade (Sword)


Gilian Weapon Set Dagger



All Peacekeeper 17 Full Heroic Weapon Sets
– The Rifanny Weapon Set

The Rifanny heroic weapon set for our Peacekeepers is the
first we see and it looks like a set by all means.

The Rifanny blade is a simple yet good looking blade and
the Rifanny hilt is what makes the difference here.

Colored in blue with nice silver details both the Rifanny Blade
and the Rifanny hilt give us a really good looking Rifanny Sword
as a result here.

The Rifanny dagger is really good looking and it looks identically
similar to the Rifanny sword which makes it even cooler.

Rifanny Weapon Set Hilt And Blade (Sword)


Rifanny Weapon Set Dagger




All Peacekeeper 17 Full Heroic Weapon Sets
– The Slayton Weapon Set

The Slayton Full heroic weapon set for our PK is one that I personally
consider using as one of my mains.

This is a bad ass heroic weapon set and when you go through the
Slayton blade and the Slayton hilt you realize why!

Slayton blade has nothing crazy on it but it has spiky edges and the
Slayton hilt comes with some silver details wrapping the grip and a
huge bad ass Greek rock on its bottom.

That Greek rock on the bottom of the Slayton hilt makes the difference
as long as it makes that heroic weapon set to be closer to the Kinett
armor set which also has similarly green rock details among the chest
and the Helmet!

The Slayton dagger now follows the same recipe and it comes with
spiky edges on the blade and identically similar hilt but without the
Green rock on its bottom!

Slayton Weapon Set Hilt And Blade (Sword)


Slayton Weapon Set Dagger



All Peacekeeper 17 Full Heroic Weapon Sets
– The Marcellis Weapon Set

There is only one way to describe the Marcellis Full Heroic weapon set
for our Peacekeepers …. and this is … BAD ASS!!!!

One of the really good options we have as PKs to go with and stick
with assassins concept!

Marcellis full heroic weapon set comes with an open silver Blade
which looks rock solid and clear and it has a detail in the middle which
looks like there is a second type of meal embedded there.

When it comes now to the Marcellis hilt guys …. NO COMMENTS!

Whoever created this heroic weapon set … nailed it!

The Marcellis hilt is a masterpiece with Greek colored grip a skull
with wings on the bottom of the hilt and a skeleton hand to carry
the blade! ¬†…. Absolutely F***G BAD ASS!

The Marcellis dagger now comes to finish you off with the same
concept as it has a skull where the hilt and its blade meet each other
a Green colored grip and really different and cool blade on it!

There is no doubt that this Heroic weapon set for PKs is one of my
mains and you might want to consider using it if you want to be an
“angel of death” in the game ūüėÄ

Marcellis Weapon Set Hilt And Blade (Sword)


Marcellis Weapon Set Dagger



All Peacekeeper 17 Full Heroic Weapon Sets
– The Hilord Weapon Set

Even if it is far from the Marcellis concept and the Baddassiness which
comes with it, the Hilord heroic weapon set for our Peacekeepers is
a really good option to go with.

Starting with the Hilord blade we can see that it is one seriously polished
blade with a number of details on it and a gold-ish color which makes it
unique in comparison with everything else we have seen so far!

The Hilord hilt now comes to fulfill that aristocratic approach on this sword
with gold-ish details and metallic parts on it and a red rock to complete that

The Hilord dagger now is a respectful part of this Full heroic weapon
set option and it comes with a similarly refined gold-ish blade and a
really ok hilt close to the one that we saw on the sword!

Hilord Weapon Set Hilt And Blade (Sword)


Hilord Weapon Set Dagger



All Peacekeeper 17 Full Heroic Weapon Sets
– The Eveanne Weapon Set

Eveanne heroic weapon set now stands alone as one of the absolutely
unique options for us and our Peacekeepers.

It comes with a really cool concept and that makes it one of our
Cool options as PKs.

Starting with the Eveanne Blade we see a white-ish colored silver blade
with some scratches on it to emphasize usage and we continue with the
Eveanne hilt which makes the difference here as long as it has a really cool
blue tone on the grip, two wings to carry the blade and a hawk or an eagle
face on the bottom of it!

The Eveanne dagger now stands unique against the other heroic dagger
options we have for our Peacekeepers and it comes with the same cool
blue tone for the grip, wings put counter-wise the blade’s hilt to carry the
Eveanne dagger’s blade and finally the Eveanne dagger blade is a
“hawk-ishly” curved cool solid blade….!

If your thing is to look and feel like a predator … the this is
the Heroic weapon set for you!

Eveanne Weapon Set Hilt And Blade (Sword)


Eveanne Weapon Set Dagger



All Peacekeeper 17 Full Heroic Weapon Sets
– The Craymen Weapon Set

Before we even say anything else about the Craymen heroic weapon set
we must say that this is our “special” choice as long as it is the only true
gold option we have in For Honor for PKs.

Continuing now, personally I have only good things to say about the
Craymen heroic weapon set for Peacekeepers as long as this might
be the only set that can amaze you while playing inside the game
especially if you happen to play during night …!

The Craymen blade is a fat gold solid blade witch carried by a well
refined Craymen hilt which has dragon-ish red leather wrapped
around the grip with gold rings to ceep it attached to the grip
and everything ends on a golden rose on the bottom of the Craymen
hilt …. just amazing!

The Craymen dagger could not have been anything less than what we
described already about the Craymen sword and it comes with a sharp
solid gold blade and a similar hilt …!

Craymen heroic weapon set is absolutely one of the heroic weapon sets
all must have in their collection as Peacekeepers!

Craymen Weapon Set Hilt And Blade (Sword)


Craymen Weapon Set Dagger



All Peacekeeper 17 Full Heroic Weapon Sets
– The Narzan Weapon Set (Unique)

Narzan guys and gals is our Unique heroic weapon set
(the one with the star). ]

As expected it is the most polished heroic weapon option for
Peacekeepers with no big rarity to come up with the full set.

For that reason based on my personal experience every single
Peacekeeper including myself wears it and that makes it to become
at least generic and it loses its interest down the road!

The Narzan blade is a dragon skin sculptured blade which looks
amazing of course and it is attached on a hilt which is equally amazing
with two dragon heads to carry the blade, solid red – brown colored leather
wrapped around the grip, two red rocks on it for the aristocratic touch
and serious number of details!

The Narzan dagger now … is a masterpiece guys!

It is like you are carrying a small dragon on your left hand as Peacekeeper
with the Narzan dagger blade to come out of its mouth and two wings
on the left and right side of the small dragon head and all that carried
from a stunning dragon-ish hilt grip and of course a red rock on the bottom
of the dagger like in the Narzan Sword!

I wish this was truly rare and not so easy to be found  because it is
the best looking heroic weapon set for Peacekeepers and ALL peacekeepers
have it loaded … and that makes it feel default :S

Narzan Weapon Set Hilt And Blade (Sword)


Narzan Weapon Set Dagger



All Peacekeeper 17 Full Heroic Weapon Sets
– The Atolm Weapon Set

If the Atolm heroic peacekeeper weapon set was a rare or one of the
first weapons you get I would have said that this is a really good job
here as long as it is a solid set simple to the bloody bottom and Knight-ish
to the very last detail.

But unfortunately it is not a rare neither a common … it is meant to be
part of the Peacekeeper Heroic Weapons pool and that is why I say that
this weapon set is absolutely BS!!!

Both the Atolm Blade, the Atolm hilt and the Atolm dagger are already
described by what I said above.

Now if this is a heroic weapon set you like that is another thing and
this is why I am still presenting this to you!

Atolm Weapon Set Hilt And Blade (Sword)


Atolm Weapon Set Dagger



All Peacekeeper 17 Full Heroic Weapon Sets
– The Leome Weapon Set

One of the reasons this Video and this article took me so long to finally
make them happen, is the Leome heroic weapon set for our Peacekeepers
and specifically the dagger which happened to be the rarest of all to loot in
my personal scenario!

Now that I said that I think that you can easily understand my disappointment
when I saw how crappy is this Leome dagger…..!

If there is anything to say about the Leome Heroic weapon set other than it
stands as one of the crappiest options we have as PKs then that is that it has
at least an interesting concept approach which was unfortunately applied
seriously bad!

The Leome blade is as simple as it gets and it gives you the sense that it is
bought from a cheap toy store while the only interest comes with the hilt here
which tried to represent a tower which is meant to be carried by your right hand!

Now about the Leome Dagger .. I think I said enough and I will try not to say
anything else because I feel like becoming really salty and I would like to avoid it!

Leome Weapon Set Hilt And Blade (Sword)


Leome Weapon Set Dagger



All Peacekeeper 17 Full Heroic Weapon Sets
– The Sabatat Weapon Set

Guess what guys! The Sabatat heroic weapon set for Peacekeepers
is one more simplistic heroic weapon set which is probably here just
for the number and in no case to be a real viable interesting heroic
weapon set option to go with.

For that reason we have the Sabatat Blade to be just simple,
the Sabatat hilt to be equally simple and boring which takes us
to the end result to have a boring and without any bloody interest on it
Sabatat sword.

Now about the Sabatat dagger you better listen to my comment
from inside the video above!

Sabatat Weapon Set Hilt And Blade (Sword)


Sabatat Weapon Set Dagger



All Peacekeeper 17 Full Heroic Weapon Sets
– The Culgan Weapon Set

Just in order to not waste your time guys … if you want to read my
opinion on the Culgan Heroic weapon set for Peacekeepers then
just scroll upwards and read what I say about the Sabatat as long as
the same apply for the Culgan Blade, The Culgan Hilt and the Culgan

Culgan Weapon Set Hilt And Blade (Sword)


Culgan Weapon Set Dagger



All Peacekeeper 17 Full Heroic Weapon Sets
– The Windamier Weapon Set

Finally guys! After a number of crappy heroic weapon sets in a row
Wndamier heroic weapon set for our Peacekeepers comes to put
us back into the excitement section ūüėõ

To be fair this is not a stunning heroic weapon set but one which is
meant to be called at least interesting and it has a concept which
makes it slightly different from the other PK Heroic weapon sets.

Starting with the Windamier blade we can verify what I say above
as long as we can witness some work on it.

The thing now is that the Windamier hilt is what makes this Heroic
weapon set slightly different from the others even if we have a
wooden hilt with “cheap” metal parts on it.

If we keep aside the the Windamier hilt looks cool what we see on its
bottom is the fun part here as long as we see a helmet which appears
to be a viking helmet and it makes me feel like this is a Viking slayer
sword … isn’t it?

Moving now to the Windamier Dagger we see that there are some
interesting details there too with the hilt again to be the best part of it!

The Windamier Dagger has identically the same blade as the sword
and it comes with a really cool spiky hilt!

Windamier Weapon Set Hilt And Blade (Sword)


Windamier Weapon Set Dagger



All Peacekeeper 17 Full Heroic Weapon Sets
– The Neclord Weapon Set

Neclord heroic weapon set for our Peacekeepers is a masterpiece!

By far different from most of the other choices and pretty unique.

Starting with the Neclord blade we can clearly see that For Honor
developers paid some attention here and they gave us one of the
best blades for PKs in the game.

Neclord blade has a great shape as it has some interesting work on
its surface giving to this blade what I use to call an aristocratic touch!

When it comes now to the hilt we realize what I said above. The Neclord
hilt is by far one of the best option in the Heroic weapons pool for PKs.

Totally sculptured this hilt in the only one piece hilt we have. It has a brown-ish
color which makes also it look crazy with armors like Iseldis!

Going with the neclord dagger now we see the same insane work on the blade
as also the same one piece brown colored hilt which gives this dagger a unique
ID in comparison with all the others.

It is one of my main heroic weapon set already.

Neclord Weapon Set Hilt And Blade (Sword)


Neclord Weapon Set Dagger



All Peacekeeper 17 Full Heroic Weapon Sets
– The Randal Weapon Set

For our last heroic weapon set for the For Honor Peacekeepers
I left one of the coolest – Aristocratic – Bad Ass and well polished
heroic weapon set which is named as Randal!

Starting with the Randal blade we see a symmetrical blade with
a hand job in the middle of it in a shape which is aligned with the
blade’s edges.

When we continue with the Randal hilt now we realize that we are
probably discussing here about a King’s sword based on the detail
we see on it.

Again we see a fully polished hilt with stunning work on it and every
single metallic part of it has further work on it all attached on a white
probable oak wood grip and a crazy bottom cup.

I don’t know if there is a King in For Honor but if there is then our
Peacekeepers have stolen his sword for sure!

The Randal dagger is another masterpiece!

Similarly to the Randal sword everything is symmetrical on it and it comes
with an amazing hilt and a really good looking blade!

I don’t know about you guys but for me the Randal heroic weapon set
is one best the game!

Randal Weapon Set Hilt And Blade (Sword)


Randal Weapon Set Dagger




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